Many Needs of Children and Schools Fulfilled Through the CLEF Good News Fund


Made possible by people like you — enable schools to upgrade their educational materials, set up remedial programs for new students, provide scholarships to needy students and purchase equipment such as desks and computers.

More than 50% of donations are used to make capital improvements in the school buildings, including security systems, furnace/boiler repairs, new windows and other renovations. Lutheran schools tend to be older with much deferred maintenance. While most schools can support current operations with tuition and donations, extraordinary expenses like roof repairs are difficult to pay for.

Educational Materials

The CLEF Good News Fund helps schools purchase textbooks, computer software, library books, maps, encyclopedias and art supplies.

Educational Equipment

The CLEF Good News Fund helps schools buy SMART Boards, computers, desks, tables, athletic equipment, copiers and playground equipment.

Educational Programs

The CLEF Good News Fund enables schools to provide pre-school programs; remedial reading and math programs for new students transferring from other schools; programs for children with disabilities; advanced learning programs for gifted children; and art and music programs.


CLEF Good News Fund Scholarships enable children whose families face unexpected financial crises to continue their Christian education. Scholarships have benefited hundreds of children over the years.

Capital Expenditures

The CLEF Good News Fund assists schools with capital improvements including boiler repairs, new furnaces, windows, doors, security systems, blinds and shades, roofs, gymnasium floors, plumbing and electrical repairs, playground resurfacing and portable classrooms for added space.


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