Words of Thanks

What Quality Christian Schools Mean to Children and Parents


EVERY YEAR, CLEF receives hundreds of thank you letters from children and parents. These families are blessed because people like you care about Christian education, its role and importance in the city of Chicago.

“Thank You” from Children and Parents:

“Thank you for the scholarship. A burden has been lifted from my soul knowing that my children can continue their education at New Hope Lutheran worry free. Now I can devote my time and energy to other pressing issues during these times of economic hardship. Once again, thank you.”
R.E. (parent)

“Thank you CLEF for supporting my school.  I really appreciate you helping my school.  I feel safe being in a Christian school because it helps me to say that God is on my side no matter where I am.  It is a blessing being helped by CLEF, so thank you very much.”  Jose, (student)

“Please accept my sincere thanks for the scholarship that has enabled both my kids to continue to receive the quality Lutheran education that is an important foundation for them, both educationally and spiritually. This is the primary education that will create the building blocks for their continued education and their spiritual walk in life. This will allow them both the skills and tools that are required to become successful students, successful Christians, and successful members of society – which will benefit us all. Thank you for your continued commitment to the quality education of children that are in financial need. This is important to me and to my family and we appreciate CLEF for assisting in my children’s educational success.”
Sylvester (parent)

“I love the fun teachers that teach us about God every chance that they get. I love the Christian environment, the smaller classrooms, and I love the close and personal attention that the teachers give the students. I also like the extra help and encouragement that the school as a whole gives each other. I just love the fact that the school acts like a big happy family. I know that if I need someone to talk to I can talk to my teachers or my classmates.”
Traci (student)

“Sometimes a thank you is not enough. In this case, my family received a special gift of a scholarship. I hope you will accept our gratitude and thanks. In these hard economic times, it is a blessing to realize that help is possible. The school family has truly been a Godsend to us. Your gift helped to brighten my spirits and stands as a continuing expression of your thoughtfulness.”
Lolita (parent)

“As a result of your generosity, my children are able to attend a school where Christ is acknowledged as Lord and Savior of mankind.  May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless and increase your handiwork in His precious Name, amen!”  Olivia (Parent)

“We found ourselves in a financial bind such that we had to make a plea for tuition assistance. We can give up many things, but a proper Christian education is a necessity. Your grant has allowed us to give our son the most important things in life. Thank you so much.”
Christine (parent)

“I am very joyful that you have helped me attend Luther North all four years.  I am truly thankful for this.  I have become a person that I did not know I was able to become.  I feel refreshed and new.  I believe, thanks to you, that I am prepared for the outside world and college.  I will not forget what you did for me.”
Joshua (student)

“It is with humble gratitude that I thank you for the opportunity you have given to me and my family.  Sending my son to a private, God teaching school is more important to me than I can express.  All I can say is that my heart overflows with the gratitude and appreciation I feel when I think of how you have altered my young son’s life.  Luther North has molded my son to be who he is today… May the good Lord continue to bless Luther North, CLEF and all “Small but Mighty” Lutheran schools.”  Mariella (parent)

“Words cannot fully express my gratitude for your wonderful generosity.  Over the last four years I was given the most wonderful opportunities to grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually at Walther Lutheran High School.  Without the CLEF scholarship, I would not have been able to see success in every element of my life.  Through the years, my family and I have had peace of mind because of the CLEF scholarship.  I was able to focus on my future without having to worry about academic finances.  Thank you so much for enabling me to succeed.”  Jasmine (student)

“I just want to thank you so very much.  This grand scholarship has provided me with the ability to receive a great education and grow in my faith.  This is a great blessing to receive this amazing scholarship.  My high school life would be completely different if I had not been given this scholarship.  My family and I are very grateful for such an amazing opportunity.  Having been given this scholarship, I have improved greatly in my studies, grown closer to God and come to be part of a community at Walther.  A scholarship such as this one has given my family and I great reassurance of the capability of attending a Lutheran high school.  We will forever be grateful.  With such a scholarship, I have grown in my knowledge and wish to continue my studies at college in the Fall.  Thank you again for all you have done and given my family and I.  We thank God often for such a blessing.”  Ashley (student)

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn at St. Paul.  I am very grateful for the generosity you have shown me.  This is the only elementary school I feel I should be at, and you have given me the opportunity to learn things that most high-school children have not.  At St. Paul I learn to keep a relationship with God, which is the most important subject of all, and you are the reason that I learn this.  God bless you. ”  Jennifer (student)

“Thank You” from Principals and Teachers:

“I am blessed to have CLEF support me in my ministry here at our Lutheran school. I tell all my students about the great love Jesus showed to all people. CLEF has shown this love and support for all the teachers here at our Lutheran school. May God continue to bless the work of your foundation.”

“Each year your support becomes more and more critical to our success. We must provide a very high quality program of Christian education in order to meet the expectations of parents enrolling their children in our school. This makes Christian education even more costly than in the past. Thank you for your support of our mission to witness to the Christian faith.”

“I consider it a wonderful blessing to be serving as a musician and teacher, and I feel very fortunate to receive the prayers and support of CLEF. I realize that it is through the support of so many corporations, foundations, congregations, and individuals that these funds help so many.”

“As you know, the economic downturn is more than merely an item on the evening news. It’s affecting our parents and their ability to keep current with tuition. I thank God for CLEF and the fact that we can help parents in need during these times.”



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