Help Support Christian Education

The mission of Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation is to empower urban Lutheran schools to deliver innovative, quality education in a Christian environment.

Our vision is that children in Chicagoland have the opportunity to experience Christ’s love and grace through a high quality, Christian values based education, in order to reach their potential and fulfill their vocation.

Please share the love of Jesus with a child today!

Direct gifts to CLEF are distributed to our schools in their entirety each year. Our Board pays our entire cost of operations. This means that 100 percent of every gift is distributed directly to the schools and their students. Direct gifts help children today.

Planned gifts are gifts that are designed now but received by the ministry at a later date. If your planned gift is irrevocable, it may reduce taxes beginning the year that it is made. If your gift is revocable, you may modify the conditions of your gift over time until the gift is received. Planned gifts ensure continued help for the children as the need increases.

With either a direct or planned gift we can help connect you with the children who need your help. Together, we can give children a chance and a future.


  • Cash
  • Appreciated or depreciated securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds)
  • Existing or new life insurance policies (whole or universal life)
  • Annuities
  • Real estate (residential, commercial, or farm)
  • Gifts in kind (computer equipment, building materials, office equipment, etc.)

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