THE GOOD NEWS about Chicago Lutheran schools never makes headlines, but it should.

Teachers are teaching, students are learning and parents are actively involved in their children’s education. Their stories are full of faith, hope, sacrifice and success, even though many of their neighborhoods are plagued by gangs, violence and abuses of every kind.

Children of all races, creeds and economic backgrounds learn and achieve in Chicago Lutheran schools.

Good schools in the heart of the neighborhoods

Lutheran schools are neigborhood schools. Located throughout the city, 29 Lutheran schools serve children of all races, creeds and economic backgrounds. They are an irreplaceable educational alternative for many families, a safe haven where children can learn.

Each Lutheran school operates independently and is financed primarily by student tuition and family contributions. Great effort is made to keep tuition affordable. At the same time, teachers and parents are committed to quality education.

Good families who truly value Christian education

Families sacrifice to send their children to Lutheran schools. For them, Lutheran schools are fortresses of Christian love, values and responsibility. For single parent and low-income working families, these schools are special blessings in their lives.

Each school is like a “family of families” where children learn Christian faith and values, and live them every day.

Kids who are the pride of Chicago

Thousands of children are learning to achieve in Chicago Lutheran schools.

Committed, caring Christian teachers

help each child discover his or her special abilities. Strong academic programs ensure that each child masters basic skills, and consistently high scores on standardized tests are proof. Children in Lutheran schools learn to expect a lot from themselves.

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